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Directions for use:

Remove the soft black cap from the end of
the packaged pen

Place a wick in the pen by pressing
on the opposite end of the pen
to open the jaws and insert the wick.

Adjust the wick to expose approximately
3/8” from the end of the pen.

Light the tip of the wick and allow it to burn for 10-15 seconds.
Blow out the flame and the pen will provide a continuous tail of smoke.

For smoke alarm testing, position the actively smoking pen 6-10” inches
from the smoke sensor or air sampling device to activate alarm.

Extinguish the wick by simply replacing the soft plastic cap
over the wick end of the pen.

To re-use, simply adjust the wick and follow the steps above.

This product has a long shelf life and should be stored in a cool dry environment.